Talk & Play

A project in collaboration with CROUS de Nantes since September 2018. It's aim is to help international students, living in "cités universitaires" (public students housing), to discover unique board games and some originating from different cultures. Each month on a Sunday afternoon, we organise a Talk&Play event in one "cité universitaire" from the CROUS de Nantes.

Programme: introduction to a different boardgame with a "goûter" (snack).

Agenda 2018-2019:

  • Sunday 7 October: Outdoor games - Cité U Fresche Blanc
  • Sunday 11 November: Contemporary boardgames - Cité U Casterneau
  • Sunday 02 December: Traditional boardgames - Cité U Berlioz
  • Sunday 20 January: Contemporary boardgames - Cité U Chanzy
  • Sunday 10 February: Traditional boardgames - Cité U Bourgeonnière
  • Sunday 17 March: Contemporary boardgames - Cité U Launay Violette
  • Sunday 28 April: Outdoor games - Cité U Chanzy
  • Sunday 26 May: Outdoor games/Goodbye Week opening event - Cité U Fresche Blanc








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